Friday, September 2, 2011

Adventures in crafting!

I am very excited to say my sister and I have started or in the process rather, of starting a craft blog and etsy store to share our passion of crafting! We are busy getting stuff made and gathered for the annual Merry Berry boutique in Show Low this year! Stayed tuned as

Sisterly Charms Boutique -

Turning Scraps to Treasures

is in the finishing stages and will be open for business Soon! We will have a blogsite and an etsy store!! WHoo Hoo!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Headboard Project

Hot mornings, humid afternoons and Rainy days has me searching for craft ideas online. and I found this:

This headboard has inspired me to try and build one out of this:
I am bound and determined to get it put together. It is going to look great in Kohan's room. I will post pictures when i am done!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Blaze

Fire has seem to consume this family for the last week and a half..
We were team roping in Animas , 2 & 1/2 hours away from home, when we got a call that the mountain infront of our house was on fire. By the time we got home, the fire had moved so fast that our friends had to pack up my important stuff outta the house and loaded our horses and moved them to safety.. I was a stressful night, but by 10pm we were able to go home. And that has been my life for the last 6 days.. The Monument fire rares its ugly head everyday around noon time and reeks havic on all Sierra Vistians until the sun goes down. We, or close friends, have been forced to be evacuated from our homes, and wait till it calms down enough to go home almost everynight since it has started. over 50 homes, 1 church, and 4 businesses have burned because of this fire. Today it is 40% contained. Hopefully lives can start to go back to normal. The beautiful drive to Sierra Vista is never going to be the same. The Huachucas were amazing to see, and now, looks an aweful lot like a rocky moon. I can tell you , I love electricity, and will not take it for granted again! Thank you to the Fire Fighters for their hard work, and to SSVEC boys for getting my air conditioning and lights back on!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wallow & HorseShoe 2 Fires hit close to home

Seems like only yesturday that we had to pack our belongings because of the rodeo-chedeski fire was threatening our homes, and forced us to be evacuated. I will never forget the gut wrenching feeling of being told our home was burned down, not once, but three different times. Luckly, in the end, we were able to return to our home, though the landscape and scenery behind my parents house was changed forever. Loved ones and friends were not so lucky.
And now, the White Mountains are a target once more.

Never did I imagine in my lifetime I would experience two major catastrophes to my home town. The Wallow fire is a monster, forcing thousands from their homes. Destroying a lot of Arizonians favorite getaway spots and vacation destinations. When the Greer Lodge burned down a few weeks ago, it stirred emotions in many. Now, we all have been brought to tears as the same forests are destroyed. These are the forests I grew up in as a child.

My Uncle Wade and his family, along with my Papa have made a living over the last 15 years running the campgrounds along the rim, Big Lake and Hoyer (Greer). Many memories have been made in these places. Now, they're livelyhood, along with many others have been threatened.
I am proud to report as of June 8th 2011 Big Lake as escaped the claws of the Wallow fire. For now. Please click on this link to see pictures of Big Lake and the surrounding area. I am so happy a little piece of heaven to many has been spared thus far. My Uncles business, RRM of America has gone up there, surveyed the area and is now turning on the showers facilities for the firefighters who are making camp at Big Lake to use. pray that it escapes spot fires.

Please spread the link to the pictures... a little bit of hope that all has not been lost.

This is the Horseshoe 2 fire.

It is currently burning in Southern Az in the Chiricahuas Mountains. These are the stomping grounds of Brandons childhood memories. Animas , NM and the Evans Family ranch are located in the valley below and the mountain range across from this fire in NM. It has been affecting the entire area, communities and many individuals that we know. It is so sad to see beautiful country across AZ destroyed by careless people.

This fire was started by illegals to escape Border Patrol. The Krentz family ranch backs these mountains. He is the rancher who was shot and killed by illegals earlier this year. Now, this week, yet another rancher of Steins Ghost town has been murdered by smugglers. These are fellow ranchers and neighbors of the Evans Ranch. It is so sad and so scary in southern AZ right now. Please pray the monsoons to come soon and that our nation wakes up to dangers along our borders. Because, I can tell you first hand. They are real.

Thank you to the firefighters who are spread out all over AZ right now for your amazing efforts at taming these beasts. Beasts that were unleased by your fellow man.

Monday, May 23, 2011


These two are simply Fabulous.

And so is Spring.